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Hi! I sent a package here in the Philippines using EMS for Morocco. I would like to know the status of the package with this reference # EE514220606PH. They said it would only take 7 days or 10 the most but this is not the case. It has already been 27 days, almost a month with no trace nor some information about the package. Please advise. Thank you!
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There is something definitely wrong with that parcel. Have you tried to contact the parcel sender to make him submit a parcel search inquiry?
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Hi Morning to everyone here.

Just to check did any body have experience in this matter.
I bought a watch from on line seller and the watch was suppose to ship to me in Jan 2016.
Unfortunately, the watch didn't arrive and a tracking number was provided for me track.

Months have gone but still no idea what happen to it.
Any kind soul can share any light to this matter ?

Best Regards
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Hello, could you tell me the parcel tracking number, so we will check its status?
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Thank You very much.RC650604337UA.
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I do not want to be pessimistic, but too much time has passed since the last update. Considering its complex route with transfer points there is still a chance that you will receive the parcel sooner or later. Anyway we recommend you contact the parcel sender and ask him to submit a parcel search inquiry.
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Hello...i hope you can help me
I have parcel from philippines bound switzerland
My problem is,now that i can track my parcel,it make me confuse about PHZONE7...
Do you have idea what is phzone7?
My tracking#: EE507433234PH
The status of my parcel,
Posting items
Enroute to the next office Philippines
This made me confuse,
I hope you can help me..or just explain what is phzone7 meaning
Thanks in advance
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