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To add a parcel for the tracking please click Add parcel link.

Then please fill the fileds of the dialog that appears.

Here is a brief description of each field:

1 - click this tab to enter the information about the parcel with identifier;
2 - click this tab to enter the information about the parcel without identifier;
3 - there you should the enter the tracking number of parcel provided by the sender;
4 - enter the name of the postal service that was used to send your parcel. Generally it will be auto-detected based on tracking identifier.
5 - just a name of the parcel to distinguish it from other parcels added by you.
6 - there you should enter the destination country. Generally it will be auto-selected based on the parcels you added in the past and your GEO-IP location. This is a VERY IMPORTANT field: if you select a wrong destination country the system may not find a correct tracking service related to the destination country resulting the status of your parcels not updated.

The following fields are not mandatory and serves only for your convenience:
7 - the checkbox which activates the counter of the days remaining till the end of the term of opening of dispute. This is very convenient when working with services that support disputes such as PayPal and AliExpress;
8 - in this field you should enter how the maximum length of the dispute period (in case of PayPal it is 45 days).

9, 10 - the name of the shop where the content of parcel was purchase and the order number. If you fill these fields a a direct link to your order page in that shop will be available in the information section of your parcel.
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