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The list of your parcels consists of the information blocks representing each particular parcel:

Here is a brief description of the elements and controls of the information block:

1 - shows how many days left before the dispute term till the end of the term of opening of dispute. The number is shown only if you enabled the dispute term control checkbox when adding your parcel;
2 - icon to copy the parcel tracking number to the clipboard;
3 - shows the country from which the parcel was sent;
4 - shows the parcel destination country;
5 - parcel tracking number;
6 - parcel name that you entered when adding the parcel to the site;
7 - click this icon to change the parcel name, shop settings and dispute control settings;
8 - click to show/hide the table with detailed parcel route;
9 - click to get an instant update of the current known parcel status;
10 - the parcels with recently updated status have a green background to help them distinguish from the parcels which status was not changed since you marked them as viewed last time. Click this link to mark the parcel as viewed. Its background will change to gray.
11 - shows when the parcel was tracked last time;
12 - shows when the status of the parcel was changed last time.
13 - click this link to move the parcel into archive. This is useful to clean the list of your parcels from those that you have already received.
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