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Every international parcel passes multiple different stages on its path from a sender to recipient. On each stage the parcel obtains an appropriate unique status. Sometimes it is not clear what each particular status means, so the purpose of this article is to explain the typical stages and statuses of international parcel and how they are are displayed at

Lets take for example a parcel that is sent from China to the United States (a popular direction for the goods purchased on eBay, AliExpress or DealExtreme). The life of the parcel starts when sender (usually online shop owner) brings the sold good to the postal service and wrap it into a shipping package . At this point the parcel obtains an unique Tracking Number which sender gives than to recipient (customer). In case of the parcel from our example My Parcels will display the status Arrived to the postal service of China, Beijing. When you roll mouse cursor over the location (Beijing) you will even seen the original information in Chinese.

It may happen that your parcel can be selectively taken by the customs for inspection. At My Parcels this status will be displayed as Customs Clearance. The parcel usually stays in this state from few hours to several days depending on how busy the customs house is. When the customs clearance is complete the parcel is ready for departure from the country and its status changes to Left the postal service of China, Beijing.

The next stage depends on whether the source and destination countries have an UPU agreement (Universal Postal Union - specialized agency of the United Nations that coordinates postal policies among member nations) between each other. If they don't, the parcel will travel via transitional countries. Otherwise it will be imported directly at postal service of destination country. In case of the United States it usually arrives at sort facility with a status Arrived at Sort Facility. Again for some countries, as in case with export stage, the parcel can be passed to customs for inspection obtaining the status Customs Clearance following by the status Customs Clearance processing complete upon completion of the inspection.

When the sorting is complete the status of the parcel will change to Processed through Sort Facility. If the import location and the destination point are in different cities the parcel will be transfered to the sort facility in the destination city. For example this parcel initially was exported at sorting facility in Flushing and then was transfered to the sorting facility in Anaheim.

If the parcel was sent using the courier service its may have an intermediate status Courier is on the way to delivery point. Otherwise its status would be Arrived to the point of delivery. When when you finally get it from courier or delivery point the parcel change its status at My Parcels to Delivered to recipient.

Please keep in mind that every single parcel is unique and may have a complex travel path that greatly differs from the example above. By analyzing the tracking information from multiple sources MyParcels. net does it best to calculate the exact path of the parcel with as many details as possible giving you an idea of where it is and what is happening.

May all your parcels arrive to you intact. Always.
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