Author Koudelka, 25 October, 2015, 18:27
Hello!!! One more =)
Can you please add the support for S.F. EXPRESS Postal Service?
Tracking site:
Tracking number format: 590833128224
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Hello, thank you very much for such a detailed request. We will try add a support of this service in the nearest future.
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Ok, we did a check. Actually S. F. Express is already supported by MyParcels for almost a year, I simply forgot about this :D

The reason why your parcel was not tracked correctly is because you added it as a parcel from the Post of China. We have just reset the postal service for the parcel and as you can see all the tracking information is avaialble ;)
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i just want to know the status of parcel.
still i haven't received yet.
its already 1 month since i purchase it..
when i check the status in my package arrived in PH since January 22, 2016.

this is the tracking number: RI823743887CN

thanks :)
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