Author didjamom, 5 February, 2016, 11:46
my parcels tracking system does not do anything it's had United Kingdom →Australia RS315853808GB
United Kingdom → Australia
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Left the postal service of UK
21.01.2016 00:00 (Elapsed time: 15 days, update: 15 days)
a tracking system should tell you where an item is and how long until it arrives,not just the date it left and how long it's been since it left.
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Dear didjamom, I wish the postal services did provide such details about the parcel. But the truth is the parcel route and delivery terms are very volatile, especially during export/import stages when the parcel may stay at customs from few hours to a couple of weeks.

In the future we plan to add a special analytic service which will predict the parcel delivery terms based on the statistics data, but for now we have only the information about parcel status changes provided by courier/postal services.
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