Author MyParcels, 25 April, 2016, 17:17
We have developed the new extension for Google Chrome browser which allows to automate the process of adding of the parcel for tracking directly from the order page at AliExpress. The extension automatically fill-in all the necessary fields, including parcel tracking number, product name, order number, etc.

Also you can click on the extension icon while staying on the page of the product or seller at AliExpress to check the seller's credibility.

Our extension for Google Chrome
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Hi, I am registered through (english user) - however, the link that the extension creates for me in the browser redirect me to (and it does not update me account) I need to manually switch the .ru to .net so it would work.

Can you add setting for the extension to allow us to select between .ru and .net?

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I am the owner of the shipment tracking number BBC0A1DF6F3620E
I want to know when the shipment will be delivered to Kuwait?
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